A cute Battle of Endor diorama

Kotobukiya has just released a charming Battle of Endor – The Little Rebels diorama based on the jungle battle scenes from Return of the Jedi, the final installment of the Star Wars saga (see this post for an explanation of why Disney films don’t count). 

Although no scale is specified, the diorama is approximately 20cm (8”) tall. It’s very well designed, with an AT-ST serving as the focal point and several stylized Ewok figures performing various battle duties. Credit for the cartoon-style look of the piece goes to the designers at Gurihiru Studios, an illustration team specializing in comics. 

The diorama is made of PVC/ABS and requires some minimal assembly. All parts are pre-painted. 

This is a well thought out product that gives a refreshing take on a beloved subject. It will no doubt appeal to younger Star Wars fans.