AK Interactive Carving Foam

Based in Spain, AK Interactive is known for its wide range of modelling tools and accessories, paints, and related products. I recently had an opportunity to try out their 8mm carving foam, which is going to form the base of a new diorama I’m working on.

The foam is an artificial product that is similar to balsa wood in terms of weight and softness (you can dent it with a fingernail), but more brittle. It can be cut, sawn, and shaped with a minimum of effort. For large cuts, I found that a fine tooth saw gives more predictable results than a knife. For sculpting, wooden or metal hand tools and high speed motor tools work equally well. The material is soft enough that you can sculpt it by dragging a wooden spoon across the surface. Sculpting with a high speed motor tool creates lots of fine dust, so a mask and goggles are recommended. 

AK recommends white glue and cyanoacrylate adhesive for gluing. I’ve found that white glue creates a sufficiently strong bond when gluing the foam to itself. I haven’t had to resort to cyanoacrylate so far. 

One drawback of the product is that it only comes in 8mm and 10mm thick sheets, so if you want to sculpt something thicker, you’ll need to glue several sheets together. This leaves visible strata that need to be covered with putty or some other coating before painting. 

Stay tuned for my next post, which will feature a look at the lunar landscape base that I’m sculpting out of AK carving foam.