Dioramas in Film – Iron Man 2

The 2010 sequel to Marvel action flick Iron Man sees billionaire inventor Tony Stark battling the U.S. government, rival technology mogul Justin Hammer, and Russian scientist Anton Vanko. 

A pivotal sequence in the film begins with Stark dusting off his father’s old diorama of the 1974 Stark Expo. This massive diorama is scanned and converted to a holographic version, which reveals something quite interesting: the buildings are arranged to represent a new element discovered by Stark senior. As it turns out, the new element is a suitable replacement for the rare palladium needed to power Stark’s failing heart implant.   

To say that this diorama has an essential role in the story is an understatement, because the secret contained within it saves Stark’s life. In terms of its importance to the plot, the Stark Expo diorama ranks among the top dioramas I’ve covered in the Dioramas in Film series.