Jedi Starfighter Revisited (1:20)

This diorama will be a familiar sight for readers of my book Diorama Design. It was originally created as a daytime diorama which worked with available light. I decided to modify the lighting design to make it suitable for nighttime viewing. 

Some additional illumination was given for Obi-Wan Kenobi and his friend by recessing a string of pot lights into the base. There was just enough room to drill between the figures and make four small holes. I set the LEDs in place with a dab of clear epoxy and fed the wires underneath to join up with the existing circuit. 

The next step was to balance the brightness of the various LEDs. R4’s main light was a bit too bright so I toned it down with a drop of red acrylic paint. The pot lights were muted with a dab of white. 

As I discussed in a previous post, dioramas lend themselves to tinkering. Whenever you come up with a better way to convey what you want to depict, it’s time to make an upgrade.  

If you’re interested in the fine points of lighting dioramas, there’s a chapter on it in my book Forced Perspective Dioramas. It’s available on Amazon.