Lunar Crash Diorama – Part 1

The inspiration for this diorama came from films like 2001: A Space Odyssey that feature spacecraft set within vast planetary landscapes. The diorama will feature a crashed spacecraft shown in forced perspective with the Earth visible in the distance. 

The starting point for the diorama is the lunar landscape, which was sculpted out of AK Interactive carving foam. I glued three sheets of the 8mm foam together to achieve the required thickness, and then carved out the mountains and crash trail with knives, spatulas and a high speed motor tool. 

The mountains are arranged so they coalesce at the vanishing point in the distance, creating the illusion of perspective. For more on this technique, check out Forced Perspective Dioramas in paperback on Amazon and in e-book format on Apple Books.

Creating the basic topography for the lunar base was one of the most enjoyable aspects of this project. There’s something about free form sculpting that’s very satisfying.  

The next post will cover the application of various texture media to the foam base to create a realistic looking lunar surface.