Lunar Crash Diorama – Part 2

Following on from the previous post, we now come to the surface texturing applied to the foam base to create a realistic looking lunar surface. I used various media, including Vallejo Desert Sand Earth Texture, AK Interactive Snow, and Tamiya Basic Type Putty. 

An important part of creating the illusion of perspective is mimicking the reduced detail of distant objects. This entails using a combination of coarse and smooth texture media. 

The front area of the base was done in Vallejo Desert Sand, which provides a suitably rough texture, while the back of the base was done in the more finely textured AK Interactive Snow. Some touch-ups with Tamiya putty were needed to smooth out the snow. Fine gravel was added to simulate large boulders. 

The next step was painting. I used Vallejo Model Color acrylic paints, which go on nicely with a brush and don’t leave brush marks. To further enhance the perspective of the scene, the more distant mountains were painted in lighter shades of grey, while the closer ones were rendered in slightly darker tones. The technique of using colour shading to enhance perspective is discussed in my book Forced Perspective Dioramas (in paperback on Amazon and in e-book format on Apple Books.)

The last step was painting in the crash trail left by the spacecraft to create the effect of blackened moondust. The trail starts out black and fades to a lighter charcoal colour in the distance. The unpainted section in the front corner is where the spacecraft will be situated.