Paper craft diorama kit from Kato

Kato is one of the largest model railroad companies in the world, with a vast selection of products (mainly in N scale) ranging from rolling stock and track to buildings and scenery. New from Kato is a diorama kit picture book aimed at beginners who want to make a diorama but aren’t sure where to start. 

The kit includes the following:

  • Paper kit (iron bridge, railroad crossing, fence, dock)
  • Paper craft (vehicles, farm equipment sheds, etc.)
  • Slope pier for unitrack track
  • clay
  • Nanoplants mixed green
  • Flower (yellow)
  • Gigaplants Medium Green
  • Hardwood trunk (small) (2)
  • Paints (blue, white, brown)
  • Speed bond
  • Instructions
  • Diorama-kun picture book
  • Single track overhead wire pillar
  • Curved track R183-45 ° (1)
  • Diorama base
  • Line fixing screw

The product description indicates that the finished diorama will be about the size of a postcard. This makes me wonder if Japanese postcards are larger than the ones we use in the West. The kit is targeted at hobbyists aged 10 and older and is available at Plaza Japan.  

This product is an interesting sideline for Kato. Although compatible with its Unitrack line, the diorama can be built as a standalone item and doesn’t have to be integrated into a railroad layout. It could serve as an introduction to both dioramas and railroad modelling.