Sixth Anniversary

Creative Dioramas turns six today. This blog is my small contribution to keeping the creative spirit alive. If you’re a regular reader, you probably realize that the pursuit of artistic endeavours is becoming increasingly rare in today’s world. The many distractions of modern life seem to fragment our energies, discouraging us from undertaking projects that demand substantial time and effort. Yet for those of us with the will and the self discipline to pursue our creative goals, the rewards can be great.

Much has been written about the connection between creativity and independence. To create something original requires independent thought. So it comes as no surprise that many artists are mavericks who like to do their own thing and aren’t concerned about how others view them. 

If you’re in this group, the upheaval of normal life around the globe during the past year and a half has probably affected you more than most. Stay true to what you believe, feed your creative spirit, and keep creating.